Canada Noir and SLAPP update

Talk about timing! Here is an article published in BC’s The Tyee published about publishing, mining companies, and SLAPPs.


3 Responses to “Canada Noir and SLAPP update”

  1. Emily Says:

    Hi Val,

    Just sitting on my back deck reading your blog. Oh technology! Getting a bit cooler here and have a blancket wrapped around me to keep warm. Mac of course is running around in nearly nothing. Maybe I wouldn’t be so cold if I ran around like a nutter like her.

    If you like podcasts will point you to a few aussie ones. I love our national radio service and think it’s pretty good quality. ABC radio national. Some good podcasts are “background briefing” which is an hour long radio documentary on a topic. “Lingua Franca” looks at changes of language and sources of words. I also like ‘life matters’ which is for families and a mix of topics. Another podcasts that chris and I watch together is a radio comedy duo that also does a spot on Rove (he’s our aussie letterman talk show guy) they’re called Hamish and Andy and are silly and truly funny. Another Aussie one which I think you would LOVE is “Media Watch” which is from our national TV station where they look at how stories are handled in the media. Usually it’s to out bad reporting. Really interesting. And you would also love “Hungry Beast” which is a mixed show which shines light on socially hot topic but does it in a really funny way. Really well produced.

    If you ever need something new to watch or listen to I think you’d like these ones.

    We’re all good. Mac is in kindy and loving it. She also does ballet once a week and seems to really like that too. I know I’m going to sound like one of those paretns who brags about their kids but Mac is really smart. She’s interested in how the body works and is able to describe how many of the body systems work. She aslo kicks my but when we play memory games together with 72 cards! She also draws pictures with lots of detail which blows me away. We think she’s a genius. Of course i think mostparents think their kids are geniuses and you’re probably doing something wrong if you don’t worship your kids.

    The boys are 1. Lewis has been walking for 2 months and is strolls around really comfortable with it and Rex is just starting to take some tentative steps. Rexy has concentrated more on language it seems because he can repeat almost anything you say to him and uses 3 word in context “up” “wee” and “wow”.

    Have been keeping in touch with mum by phone and skype and trying to suggest things to help with grandmaman.

    Just realised thisx will probably post on your blog. Oh well. Just wanted to stay in touch.

    How is the child literacy program going?

  2. Jeremy Tan Says:

    Two thumbs up for Background Briefing from me too.

  3. Val Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the heads-up on Background Briefings. It’s great! I’ve listened to quite a few, most recently the one on suburban development in Australia which I quite liked, and not just because it compares Australia’s urban development to Vancouver’s. I think my favorite part is when a NIMBY activist compares those living in high density housing to anti-social rats (well, she almost did.)

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