Fleuve Niger,then and now

I don’t have anything written for the blog right now, but I’m starting to take some photos with my new camera, but I’m still a little shy about it.  They have been uploaded to Flickr (link on the right).  I’ve discovered compressing photos, which helps with such a low speed connection, so I don’t know how great the resolution is, but hopefully they convey the idea.  However, I thought I would post a couple of the photos here that compare the Fleuve Niger from when I first posted some (December, 2009) and now, after months and months without rain. They are all from the patio of the Grand Hotel.  (I don’t know if the low water levels have anything to do with the power outages, given that much of Niger’s electricity come from Nigeria’s hydroelectric dams, and problems in Nigeria seem to be blamed for them. Anyone know if that could be the case… I just made that theory up.)  However, if it’s that dry here, you can imagine how bad the crops have suffered in the drier areas of the country.  That’s it for now.

December, 2009:

May, 2010:


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